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Tennessee Tech

Testing the audience response.

Tennessee Technological University appears regularly on lists of best college bargains, and its graduates are highly sought after in many fields. To get the word out about all the great things Tennessee Tech has to offer, the university came to Designsensory for help crafting a solid branding strategy and campaign.

With our research partner, Lancaster Market Intelligence, we did focus groups and online surveys to capture the opinions and perceptions of key Tennessee Tech’s audiences: faculty and staff; alumni and donors; high school seniors; and current students.

These audiences participated in a broad perceptual study, with in-person and online focus groups. An online quantitative survey used sophisticated priority modeling to define and rank the importance of qualities that audiences associate with Tennessee Tech. 

This deep research with key audiences helped us identify a campaign direction. We developed several campaign concepts and tested them against each other and against competitors. Comprehensive testing allowed us to manage the decision-making process based on facts rather than emotion or anecdotal information.

Lancaster Market Research did focus groups and surveys with key stakeholders to capture perceptions about Tennessee Tech. Quantitative surveys with sophisticated priority modeling guided campaign concepts.

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