Community Day Micro Campaign
Tennessee Tech

Creating a Community at Tech.

In 2014, the staff at Tennessee Tech decided to host its first Community Day—an open house for prospective students and their families—to showcase the spirit of the campus and its community. At the event, held the same day as Tennessee Tech’s Homecoming football game, attendees could chat with faculty members, meet with financial aid and admissions counselors, learn about student life and enjoy the Homecoming parade and celebration. Attendees could also get a feel for the campus and the city of Cookeville, which takes great pride in its local university. 

Nearly 900 families attended Community Day to learn more about the university and experience it for themselves. The goal of Community Day was to increase the number of visitors on campus, leading to more applications for admission.

The Community Day micro-campaign launched with a strong mark that evoked a sense of diversity, fun and self-direction. The letters “TTU” are set in individual square tiles and, within those, each letter is composed of distinctive circular and linear elements that reference Tennessee Tech’s engineering heritage while also conveying a sense of curricular diversity. The tiles and title elements can be configured in different ways, depending on the context.

This flex system reflects the notion of self-direction, discovery and choosing the path of best fit. When photographic and illustrated elements are combined with the tiles, a tapestry-like design is revealed—an overarching motif that reinforces the notion of community and diversity.

Armed with a strong brand identity and concept, Designsensory and Tennessee Tech utilized postcards, posters, signage, emails, radio commercials, a website, digital advertising and public relations to invite prospective students to Community Day.

Dreaming to Doing: Learning About Students

The overarching goal was to compel prospective students to explore how Tennessee Tech defines community through an event that was sustainable each year. We met the goal by understanding the audiences involved and their motivations.

Audience Insights

Students, family and guidance counselors influence decisions.

Cultural Trends

Radio and digital media were preferred method of visibility.


Community Day Campaign Playbook lays out the marketing plan for the event.

Right Place Media plans and buys over 50 million in media per year. We partnered with RPM to increase exposure to Tennessee Tech’s Community Day through a targeted Facebook campaign.
Highlights and Performance Metrics

Tennessee Tech’s Community Day exceeded expectations and even received accolade for the design.

Tactics drove over 2,000 people to tour the campus.

Digital engagements delivered 349,918 impressions.

49,918 impressions exceeds the projected amount.

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