2015 Undergraduate Admissions Ad Campaign
Tennessee Tech

Find and engage the right audience. 

Working with Tennessee Tech’s marketing and communications team, we developed a broad, multi-channel campaign to reach high school students with the story of the university’s community, affordability and academic, economic and cultural leadership. Based on ongoing research with target audiences, we developed and tested several campaign themes and shifted the media and ad plan away from the usual ratio of traditional and digital ads to focus on digital engagement. Campaign creative included videos and radio, print and digital ads.

For the more traditional admissions process, we leaned toward print, creating viewbooks in both English and Spanish, an application guide and two direct mail pieces. Additional print and digital pieces, such as a fast facts sheet, help guide the prospective student through application and enrollment processes. Videos and radio ads created for the media spend appear on YouTube, Spotify and Pandora.

To maintain brand consistency, we also produced a campaign toolkit that provides Tennessee Tech with digital files, links and outlines for using the marketing materials we created. The kit includes templates for postcards, flyers, brochures and posters.

Right Place Media plans and purchases over 50 million in media per year. We partnered with RPM to place all of Tennessee Tech’s advertising.

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