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Tennessee Wesleyan University

A digital daydream.

Using new goals provided by the Tennessee Wesleyan University team, Designsensory developed a new website for the growing institution. We customized their website to fit their new vision, promote core pillars and increase enrollment for students who want more than a mere education. 

We created a simple sitemap that aligned historic information with current offerings, making enrollment a quicker process for aspiring TWU students. We emphasized online course opportunities and the flexibility of scheduling for continuing education students and for those juggling jobs, family and school. Graduate students pursuing a degree in curriculum leadership or business administration have easy online applications and facilitative financial aid callouts. We provided downloadable information, success metrics and donation tools, as well as tools for sharing among staff, students, prospects, parents and alumni. A secondary navigation directs users to Academics, Admissions, Student Life, Athletics and other important pages. 

Immersive photography brings warm tones and a sense of “dreaming” to the site, something in which TWU prides itself. Hints of their main brand colors, blue and yellow, are incorporated throughout main, secondary and tertiary pages. An events calendar allows users to quickly learn about recreational activities, school events and other information. The calendar has category filters for: Academics, Admissions, Alumni and Friends, Community Event, Convocations, Important Dates and Student Life General. Current students can easily access not only this calendar, but also their portal and email system information right from the homepage.

For universities and higher education institutions nationwide, accessibility is key. Tennessee Wesleyan continues to be a beacon of light in the higher education industry, and we look forward to future projects with them. As TWU puts it: learn more, discover more, be more. 

Let’s achieve great things together.

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