Tennessee Uncharted Season One
Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency

Hidden gems, local heroes and rich resources.

All Tennessee residents—and many visitors—benefit from the efforts of Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA). As sportsmen, observers, agriculturalists and consumers interact with our state’s natural resources and wildlife habitats, TWRA touches lives as it strives for balance between man and nature.

Thanks to Tennessee’s rich heritage, beautiful landscape and independent people, there’s no shortage of stories to tell. When Designsensory, TWRA and Popfizz came together to plan the first two seasons of Tennessee Uncharted, we wanted to answer a crucial question: “How do we make Tennesseans more aware of all the things that TWRA does for the state?”

In each Tennessee Uncharted episode, the production team works closely with TWRA to identify meaningful connections and find the best ways to showcase Tennessee’s assets and TWRA’s efforts and resources.

For example, in one episode, the crew assisted TWRA with the elk darting at the North Cumberland Wildlife Management Area, installing radial collars for data collection. We developed the episode by looking back over decades of care that TWRA provided to revitalize a wildlife population once native to Tennessee. We already had an incredible story about restoring the balance between man and nature in a sustainable way; all that remained was to highlight other cultural gems in the area to make the episode complete.

Season one of Tennessee Uncharted has garnered fans from across the state as well as beyond our borders. We’re always looking for ways to meet the show’s goal of encouraging people to get outdoors and explore all that this great state has to offer.

Season two, which premieres November 2015, will focus on how the day-to-day habits and hazards of TWRA’s staff constitute a labor of love. 


Dreaming to Doing: Collaboration

The collaboration of Designsensory, TWRA and PopFizz brought the first season of Tennessee Uncharted to life with compelling stories and visuals that would inspire all Tennesseans to get out and explore.

Audience Insights

Inspire both outdoor enthusiasts and leisure travelers.

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Original video content views are on the rise.


Create efficiency in logistics and planning within episode development.

Produced in close partnership with PopFizz, the Tennessee Uncharted television show highlights unique locations, techniques and traditions across our great state.

Let’s achieve great things together.

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