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Capturing the essence of Tennessee Reconnect started with identifying talent that represented the right people at the right time in their lives. We selected a diverse cast that portrays some important members of our local communities identified within our audience research, starting with a working mom and working our way through the top five segmentations.

From there, we scripted a video that expresses the pain points adult learners often struggle with, and reiterates the power they have to reconnect with their dreams in spite of common concerns.

Tennessee Reconnect is a partner for those who have questions, and we wanted to show the state’s open support for not only providing this program, but also providing advisors to answer questions and ease minds.

To connect with audiences, the video showcases each cast member striking out a word that represents the very thing that’s holding them back. The scene ends in a classroom setting, where they all gather together to begin their education adventure together.

We also shot some still photography that showcased the community college environment, as well as career opportunities that would come thereafter. Our curated videos and photographs were iterated through an integrated digital and traditional media campaign.

Let’s achieve great things together.

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