TN Reconnect Campaign Creative
Tennessee Higher Education Commission

An Integrated Approach.

The start of our creative campaign for Tennessee Reconnect began with research, from which we began exploring messaging and visuals. The personas we created within our visual set are standing confidently, and they look ahead toward the future metaphorically. Messaging is tailored around the hesitancies that the research pointed to concerning our major audience segmentations. 

Posters, banners and other collateral showcase major incentives of the Tennessee Reconnect program, including “tuition-free” and other campaign monikers. Billboards and OOH materials were simplified in the same way and tailored to more rural parts of our region. Creative directed readers to the website to learn more about the initiative and how it relates to them and their continuing education.

For other schools across the state to use, we packaged the creative collateral in a toolkit that can help highlight the program and draw in applicants in a streamlined continuation of the campaign.

One of the main audience personas for Tennessee Reconnect was women between the ages of 25-54, and we knew they were largely on Facebook. We took to a fully integrated media campaign that included social ads, optimized with targeting filters, and also included tier two audiences. The media campaign paved the way for digital awareness.

Also on the table were digital banner ads, so we negotiated programmatic ad placements—those that evolve and are negotiated intuitively—and other digital placements to help spread the word across google space. This solidified our vast reach and high number of impressions, ultimately driving 30,000+ applications.

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Tennessee Reconnect • See the Work
Tennessee Reconnect • See the Work  →
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