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Tennessee Department of Tourist Development

Promoting tourism through short film and video.

Integral to the redesign, a series of online videos highlights the soul and sounds of Tennessee’s diverse offerings. The videos and web commercials provide heightened experiences in Tennessee’s subregions: Knoxville & Middle East, Smoky MountainsChattanooga & SoutheastNortheast, the Nashville area, Upper Cumberland, Memphis, Northwest and Southwest.

Scriptwriting, planning and preproduction and talent acquisition were all part of the project. In the Knoxville & Middle East subregional video, we filmed newlyweds feasting on local cuisine and exploring, from the Museum of Appalachia to Oak Ridge’s American Museum of Science & Energy, from the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame and University of Tennessee football to Market Square shopping.

Nashville’s video shows off its music mecca status, the beautiful landscape and the joy of creativity. The video’s voice-over leads the viewer through iconic attractions such as the Country Music Hall of Fame and Tennessee River nightlife, music concerts, edgy Southern style and culinary creations.

The blues and barbecue culture of West Tennessee emphasizes Memphis’ urban vibe and the charming attractions that speak the international languages of music and food. From the Civil War to civil rights, Sun Studio to Beale Street, along the fertile delta to world famous ribs at Charles Vergos’ Rendezvous—the Memphis video captures iconic American heritage.

Designsensory integrated multiple commercials and videos into a seasonal microsite for the “Make Summer Last” campaign. Our team covered the state filming handpicked summer adventures and West Tennessee folks showing off the Summer Sweeps prize package in a fun, informal way. “You’ve Got The Music In You,” by the New Radicals, tied the campaign to TDTD’s branding initiative “We’re Playing Your Song.” 

This content-rich digital concept brought the diversity of experience in Tennessee’s regions to the forefront for travelers of all interests.

Dreaming to Doing: Learning About Travelers

With a goal to develop video content that would not only inspire travelers to visit Tennessee but to explore each subregion of the state, our client relationships and collaboration helped us to identify the tourism drivers. We were able to work closely to showcase the very best of each region in a way that would be sustainable on the site and by partners.

Audience Insight

Two out of three U.S. consumers watch online travel videos when they're thinking about taking a trip. Google


Creating an integrated approach by incorporating video into the overall campaign

Global Trends

By 2017, video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic, according to Cisco.

Custom videos and photography by PopFizz help showcase Tennessee’s subregional character.
Highlights and Performance Metrics

The numbers show video engagement was utilized by travelers to provide them with snapshots of the great places to visit all across the state.

 20,000+ views of the video commercials

The Smoky Mountains and West Tennessee videos are among the highest viewed on

19,000+ total views of subregional videos

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