Highlights and Performance Metrics

In the first six months, the campaign saw a great deal of success across multiple platforms.

Summer in Tennessee Integrated Campaign
Tennessee Department of Tourist Development

A southern season made for memories.

Summers in Tennessee are perfect for outdoor pursuits of every persuasion. In 2013, with tourism still suffering the effects of a recession, the Tennessee Department of Tourist Development partnered with Designsensory to create a powerful, integrated campaign to promote weekend travel and “Make Summer Last.”

For two weeks, Designsensory’s creative and production teams traversed the state, managing creative direction for commercials, videos and a seasonal microsite. The New Radicals’ song “You’ve Got The Music In You” anchored the commercials with the story of a transformational visit to Tennessee and tied the campaign to TDTD’s branding initiative “We’re Playing Your Song.”

In addition to capturing amazing footage at more than 20 locations across the state, the whirlwind production experience created opportunities for the adventurous DS team to get into the action in cameo appearances hang gliding, rock climbing and cycling.

The microsite, all about “Making Memories in Tennessee,” showcases contests, travel deals and itineraries in original stories. Video vignettes captured families, couples and international tourists experiencing Tennessee vacations filled with one-of-a-kind adventures. The video “Make Summer Hot” whimsically revealed the elements of a sizzling summer prize package. 

Advertising targeted regional markets, especially Atlanta, to promote weekend trips when many people were reluctant to commit financially to longer vacations. The campaign included billboards, bus wraps, event promotions, digital ads, radio spots and newspaper wraps. A dedicated URL tracked the campaign’s tremendous success. 

Dreaming to Doing: Learning About Travelers

With a tight turnaround on the campaign, we needed to understand what would inspire the market to take a last-minute vacation to Tennessee before the end of summer.

Audience Insight

Atlanta is a major market for Tennessee.

Global Trends

Short, creative, “snackable” videos are inspiring to travelers.


Concentrated campaigns don’t have to take months to implement.

PopFizz traveled our state to showcase Tennessee’s subregional character through custom videos and photography.
Highlights and Performance Metrics

While government can move slow sometimes, we had to move fast. With 1 week to conceive and 3 weeks to deploy, it didn't take long for Designsensory and other agency partners to show some amazing results.

424,059 visitors to seasonal site in July and August 2013

192 million impressions generated by digital campaign

20,000+ views of the video commercials

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