Sugarlands Marketing Brochure
Sugarlands Distilling Company

Reaching out to customers.

Sugarlands Distilling Company recognized the need for marketing materials that would distinguish Sugarlands fine moonshine from the competition. After talking with liquor stores and a national distributor, Sugarlands came to Designsensory to create a brochure specifically to reach out to decision makers in the liquor industry.

The brochure had a simple goal: Convince liquor storeowners to carry Sugarlands moonshine. After all, customers were looking for it. People from across the country who visited the distillery in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, were asking where they could buy the moonshine closer to home; national media outlets were featuring stories about the products; and Sugarlands moonshines were winning international awards. Clearly, there was a lot of buzz about Sugarlands that we needed to highlight in the brochure.

The final brochure boasts 20 pages of beautiful photography, personal stories and practical information. Some of the special features include product descriptions with clever recipes, a map of the eastern U.S., showing where Sugarlands fans are found, pictures of point-of-sale displays, awards, packaging and shipping information. It’s everything a storeowner could need to make an informed decision.

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