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Retro meets high tech.

Once the STEM Scouts flexible logo system was complete, we moved on to a colorful website, Part of a broad, integrated campaign to launch the STEM Scouts pilot program in East Tennessee, the web concept was designed to show how much fun STEM subjects can be.

The site combines a retro feel with high-tech concepts. It guides visitors along the clickpath to volunteer as leaders, enroll as youth, or support the program in other ways. The web platform incorporates rich media and robust content, promoting exploration of the program, curriculum and ways to get involved.

Designsensory enlisted PopFizz to shoot still photography and several videos, capturing elementary, middle and high school lab experiences to showcase the hands-on nature of the activities. The site explores curriculum through large images that are both iconic and personal. The iconography created for the site is trendy and fun.

Events and social media feeds keep both the public and the STEM Scouts community apprised of news and special events.

After the success of the pilot program, the executive board of Boy Scouts of America voted to extend the pilot to an additional 12 councils throughout the nation. Designsensory is currently working on expanding the site to include the additional councils and more information about the program. We are also further developing the portal for registration, lesson plans and internal communication.

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