STEM Scouts Print Collateral
Boy Scouts of America

Building on a brand to inform and excite.

STEM Scouts, as a brand-new pilot program, needed print collateral for a very diverse group of audiences, from elementary school students to corporate executives. Building from the brand identity, the collateral materials emphasized the fun and excitement of the program even as they provided rationale for its importance and information on various roles for adults and corporations.

To help recruit students and inform adults, Designsensory created booklets for potential sponsoring organizations, educators and adult volunteers; colorful recruiting materials included meeting flyers, postcard mailers and posters. The flyers and poster series highlighted the wonders of ordinary items made extraordinary by the X-ray photography of renowned photographer Don Dudenbostel. Brochures and booklets incorporated photography from our partner PopFizz as well as original design and content.

The collateral also used the iconography and logo system created during the branding phase to showcase the program’s benefits and its cross-curricular, hands-on nature.

Because of the success of the pilot program in East Tennessee, Boy Scouts of America expanded the program to 12 additional areas across the country. In our ongoing work with STEM Scouts, Designsensory is expanding the library of materials available to councils for recruiting and promoting STEM Scouts. Now under way are curriculum overview booklets for educators and potential sponsors, a second set of posters with a combination of hand-drawn elements and photography, and other collateral.

PopFizz documented the learning environment of the STEM program through custom photography featuring elementary, middle and high school lab experiences.

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