Perceptics Corporate Collateral
Perceptics High Performance Imaging

Integrated branding for a strong market presence.

With an updated brand and new, responsive website, Perceptics needed sales collateral that reflected the more modern look of the company’s revamped identity. After all, a lasting impression depends on integrating a strong brand system across all platforms. 

With new print materials for sales calls, trade shows and other touchpoints, Perceptics can take advantage of every interaction to express the company’s brand promise and values. As a company that relies on visual images to help protect borders, cities and companies, strong visuals were crucial to help tell the brand story. Bold colors, angles and lines, combined with custom photography, showcases Perceptics’ products and innovative culture. A limited typography selection helps focus the design and enhance its consistency.

We redesigned the company’s traditional Viewfinder graphic element to visually convey the concepts of accuracy and optical technology. The new version moves away from the association with targeting crosshairs, and a smaller sub-element emphasizes the high-performance capability of the company’s products. Consistent use of taglines reinforces the vision and goals.

Two styles of icons help carry the message of more than 35 years of innovation: Color illustrations support the brand attributes, while black-and-white line drawings convey product information.

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