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After 35 years of creating innovative technology for vehicle identification and border security, Perceptics wanted to take its precision technology into new markets and new industries.

Already working closely with border authorities in the U.S., Mexico and Canada and some areas of the Middle East, Perceptics was ready to introduce its hardware and software systems to the electronic tolling and highway and city security markets in many countries, including Mexico and South America.

After developing a new branding system for Perceptics, Designsensory carried that branding across multiple platforms for consistency of message: a new website, corporate collateral, trade show materials and a series of ads targeted to security markets in both English- and Spanish-speaking countries. Working with translators when necessary, we created ad copy and designed a series of ads that carried the new branding system across yet another platform—and to a whole new group of potential customers. Perceptics is one of the first distribution outlets to go directly to the security imaging market in trade publications.

In order to increase booth visits and appointments at trade shows in particular, the ad copy directed potential clients to Perceptics’ trade show booths and to custom landing pages with trade show information. We also created leave-behind material in both English- and Spanish-language brochures.

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