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In the latest chapter of our ongoing relationship with Outward Bound USA, Designsensory redesigned the national website and used it as a foundation for new regional school sites as well. With new competitors everywhere, it was important to make it easier and more inviting than ever to join an Outward Bound course. We wanted to add warmth to reflect the very individual nature of the journey that each student takes through the Outward Bound world.

Our priority was to make it easier for students to navigate the site and sign up for the right course. We first did extensive research and user interface studies to guide us in refining the course finder for ease of use. We followed that process by testing preliminary design iterations to create the optimal user experience.

The site’s look and feel reflect the panoramic outdoor nature of Outward Bound. The hero image is an immersive video to create visual and emotional engagement that reflects the epic nature of an OB experience. The use of texture, torn paper treatment and watercolor brush strokes add humanity and warmth. We added custom illustrations to the site’s interactive map to help students visualize where OB can take them.

Prominent calls to action prompt site visitors to sign up for courses and make donations.

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