Mullican Flooring Brand Identity System
Mullican Flooring

A steward of natural beauty.


Mullican Flooring came to Designsensory for a branding effort that presented a message of conservation and sustainability—and the belief that some of life’s best moments happen within our homes. We took on the challenge and provided Mullican Flooring with its most significant brand identity change in more than 30 years.

To reflect Mullican Flooring’s passion for authenticity, we designed a new icon that communicates the company’s most important natural resource and its birthplace within the Appalachian Mountains. The new logo showcases the figure of a tree and mountain ranges. Both whimsical and traditional, the new identity stresses that our natural resources should be valued and protected.

After ideation and moodboarding, our team designed with purpose. Mullican Flooring has made a tradition out of producing the best quality hardwood flooring with the best quality raw materials, and our use of symbols, imagery and personal stories truly highlight that tradition. We conveyed Mullican’s values visually, further communicating that they’re deeply ingrained and unchanged.  

The new brand can be found on letterhead, sample displays, signage and large installations like trade show booths. Our Designsensory team is proud to share the new brand in our continued partnership with Mullican Flooring.

Let’s achieve great things together.

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