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Medal of Honor Convention

Promoting honor, valor and legacy online.

With the Medal of Honor Society bringing its convention to East Tennessee, Designsensory was tasked with creating a digital space that would honor the recipients, inspire the public and promote the convention. But we wanted to do more than that; we wanted to create a library of assets and a campaign that could be used as a model for future conventions

We developed video and photography assets that captured the people, place and process of how and where a medal is made, a never-before-documented process. 

The website features evergreen content, including a recipient database, minting information and photography, medal history, a blog and annual event information. Information about the Character Development Program included a system of outreach to schools that has become the model for future conventions.

Designsensory continues to work with the MOH Society and the city of Boston to revise and expand the website to include the 2015 convention.

Dreaming To Doing: Honoring our Heroes

Collaboration with the Medal of Honor Society elevated the site’s content and functionality above and beyond typical digital experiences and created assets for future conventions.

Audience Insights

Audience engagement needed to span diverse audience segments from recipients to youth to donors and supporters.


Well beyond an information portal, the site needed to be a resource and funnel for donor fundraising and sharing support.


Our team was granted unprecedented access to capture footage of the medals’ creation to use in multiple platforms.

PopFizz helped build a visual archive of each of the three medals that the Medal of Honor Society will be able to access for years to come.
Highlights & Performance Metrics

While the convention lasted only three days, the Medal of Honor Society’s Knoxville Convention online presence extended exposure, guided education, gained donations and gifted new assets to the Society and Foundation.

56 Major sponsors gained visibility and engagement via the website

$60,000 in donations by more than 200 people

Thousands engaged with the site before, during and after the convention

Let’s achieve great things together.

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