Convention Collateral
Medal of Honor Convention

The Medal of Honor comes to Knoxville.

The Knoxville Medal of Honor Convention was an event steeped in honor and patriotism. Recipients of the medal, both past and present, came together to be recognized, share their stories and connect. Designsensory was honored to play a part in recognizing this prestigious group of heroes, and in spotlighting the tradition of the Medal of Honor itself.

With the pre-convention print and display advertising pieces underway, the Knoxville Medal of Honor Convention needed print pieces to fulfill needs for the actual event—invitations, registration packets and a Gala program booklet. With each piece, we adhered to the brand system and used the official photography of the medals and the original artwork. The 60-page Gala book features a die-cut cover that recreates the stars of the medal ribbon. Like other print materials created throughout the campaign, these pieces feature heavy, high-gloss paper, rich images and an oversize format to recall the dignity of the medal and the convention.

The time-honored laurel leaves and star elements are used throughout each piece, evoking victory, “heavens and divine goal of man” and the number of American states at the time of the medal’s inception. The Gala booklet covers everything from presenting the people who helped make the event happen to recounting the entire list of Medal of Honor recipients. It also showcases the medals from all the branches of the military and features a special section dedicated to the making of the medals themselves, a never-before-documented process that we were privileged to capture.

We wanted to create pieces that felt prestigious and could be elevated keepsakes for attendees. Like the other Medal of Honor pieces, this collateral will set the standard for future conventions.

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