Broadcast Media Campaign
Knoxville TVA Employees Credit Union

Make Your Never Now.

For their fall commercial advertising needs, Knoxville TVA Employees Credit Union wanted to showcase some new campaigns to the community. 

After months of planning, Designsensory and PopFizz have unveiled commercials for mortgage, equity and general awareness campaigns for use in current and ongoing campaigns. The television spots for mortgage and awareness are airing on a variety of networks, including primetime NFL games, throughout the Knoxville DMA, while the equity commercial will run early 2017.

Using the new campaign slogan “Make Your Never Now,” we crafted a catchy script for the new mortgage campaign that incorporated everyday financial struggles, addressing typical comments such as, “I will never own my own home.” We marked out the word “never” with a simple slash mark, because all things are possible with the help of Credit Union—members and non-members alike can make their dreams come true.

Conceptual Workout

Alongside the new mortgage commercial, President Glenn Siler had the idea of introducing an athlete theme within a general awareness commercial. To capture sports enthusiasts, we shot video of a local football athlete training. He’s then featured signing typical sports-related items, and, finally, he is seen signing his member card. 

Another subtle concept for all the commercials is “you have to be committed,” a theme that should inspire viewers to work tirelessly to reach their goals and work with the Credit Union, while simultaneously speaking to the Credit Union’s own commitment to the communities they serve.

Members are loving the videos, and we are excited to continue our advertising efforts with Knoxville TVA Employees Credit Union. Watch for more creative approaches to their broadcast media in 2017.

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