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Working with tens of thousands of manufacturers, Jack Nadel International caters to people everywhere through the ordering function on their websites. The JNI team trusted Designsensory to build a shop for KIA that would cater to its audience.

Our tech team developed the Shop KIA Gear site and officially launched in Spring 2018. Shop KIA Gear is essentially three online stores wrapped into one: consumer facing, dealership focused, and a store for non-dealer and corporate employees.

From power banks to picnic baskets, the consumer facing store gives access to anyone that is interested in KIA gear. The dealership store allows for quick access to promotional items, and the employee store offers branded uniforms and gear for their daily use.

We created a payment system for this website that is simple and effective. The Shop KIA Gear store allows a quick order through dealer codes that we can access on the backend of the website — and anyone with company credentials can place an order in just seconds. This eliminates the use of standard credit cards, and our system is sophisticated enough to identify and monitor those purchases. This sort of internal work would be incredibly difficult on other eCommerce platforms. 

To ensure efficiency with processing, fulfilling and shipping orders, Designsensory welcomed a third-party shipper known as ShipStation. To help Shop KIA Gear and JNI with fulfillment, this system will estimate the weight of shipping boxes and price them. Keeping an eye on the order process, from first-click to delivery, is easier on all parties.  

Throughout our relationship with JNI, Designsensory will be able to measure success through consistent tracking and identifying all sales that come through the Shop KIA Gear website. We are excited to watch this grow.

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