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CenturyLink Website Development
Jack Nadel International

A unified effort.

Founded in 1953, Jack Nadel International is dedicated to enhancing client brands through promotional products and creative solutions. To meet the increasing demands of online marketing, the company looked to Designsensory for support.

For our initial work with Jack Nadel International, the company asked us to develop two CenturyLink websites: a Uniform Store and a Uniform Pre-Order Store. Monitored continuously and updated annually, both platforms help to better streamline the process of ordering employee uniforms.

We designed these sites to alternate—appealing to the immediate needs of CenturyLink personnel. Of those needs, updating inventory, reviewing orders and integrating a space for employee allocations topped the list.

Our tech team processed — and continues to monitor — a weekly feed for Uniform Store and Uniform Pre-Order Store access. CenturyLink employees are given both a clothing and dollar allotment, and our team stays readily available to dynamically process their purchases, while remaining balances must be processed by credit card.

Coordinating with the client’s fulfillment house, Designsensory provides JNI with daily and weekly reports that track purchases and activities on the website. These regular updates review orders that are in stock, shipped and canceled. We oversee the pre-order site before the season starts, and the live-order site will run for six months out of the year.  

To keep up with the trends of other marketplaces, while maintaining our job to meet CenturyLink’s online demands, it was important for us to remain engaged throughout the entire order process. We want the best for our partners, including CenturyLink and JNI, and are happy to continue work on these shops.

Let’s achieve great things together.

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