GameChangers Identity
YWCA Knoxville

We can all be GameChangers.

YWCA Knoxville wants everyone to play a part in preventing violence against women and girls. YWCA Knoxville came to Designsensory for help launching a groundbreaking new program that teaches middle school boys how to break the cycle of violence, and we began to lay the brand’s foundation.

We started with concepting sessions to name the program and create the identity, keeping in mind that the brand needed to do double duty. It needed to look “cool” to middle school boys and, at the same time, inspire adult males to volunteer to be mentors. We also needed to be cognizant of the message we were sending—the boys in the program are learning how to recognize aspects of healthy and unhealthy relationships, how to identify harmful behavior, and how to intervene if they witness violence against women and girls. The boys are also building bonds with each other and the mentors to tackle domestic violence in Knoxville together.

Because the program teaches a proactive approach to mitigating violence, it was important that the name and logo evoke a sense of action. We chose a strong, masculine mark, a modernized version of the Greek symbol for male. Bold colors and a gritty filter bring to mind the archetypal hero’s journey, with the young man standing up for what is right. 

The brand is carried through on print pieces, t-shirts, pop-up banners, and digital and social media. To announce the launch this summer, we created posters in the style of summer blockbuster superhero movies, with bold, dark and textured backgrounds, and images of a strong male figure. Additional print pieces are in development as we do original photography and video. The next series of collateral is designed to show strength, unity and hard work—men standing together for a better world.

Let’s achieve great things together.

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