GameChangers PR Campaign
YWCA Knoxville

Building a program to educate and inspire.

YWCA Knoxville had a great idea for a groundbreaking program that teaches middle school boys how to help prevent violence against women and girls.

GameChangers is funded through a grant from the Department of Justice’s Office on Violence Against Women. With a limited grant budget, it was important to create interest through innovative public relations efforts. 

After working with the YWCA team to create a brand identity for GameChangers, we developed an extensive public relations plan to raise awareness of domestic violence issues, promote the program, recruit volunteers and participants, and encourage action.

One of our first steps was to create consistent messaging and language for YWCA Knoxville and partners to use when talking about the program to their members and volunteers. We also created a master calendar to identify opportunities to promote the program in person, opportunities to capitalize on media relations, and strategically placed calls to action on the blog and social media.

The uniqueness of the program and interest in the topic demanded original social content to promote shareability and position YWCA Knoxville as a thought leader in the community. We created a content calendar and worked with YWCA Knoxville to develop original and shared content for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. The content calendar is structured to allow for engagement with influencers and timely posts regarding breaking local and national domestic violence news.

To build anticipation before the August 2015 launch, we created print collateral for YWCA Knoxville and their partners to distribute at events, community centers and after-school programs. Flyers and posters are reminiscent of summer blockbuster action movies, with a glowing superhero logo on the chest of a teenage boy­—a GameChanger. 

Ongoing public relations efforts resulted in multiple GameChangers stories in traditional media and blogs. Social media posts received tens of thousands of views in the first four months, and a kickoff event welcomed civic leaders, mentors, board members, partners and journalists.

Let’s achieve great things together.

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