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Zoo Knoxville

Wild Wayfinding

With Knoxville’s zoo expanding its exhibits and overall experience, they knew it was time to start working on environmental signage in and around the park. Asian Trek, which includes tigers, cranes and red pandas, needed some pole banners as a wayfinding tool for their visitors.

Additional pole banners included those for both the Grasslands Africa exhibit and the Zoo’s entrance—who doesn’t love a good introduction? For the new Langur Landing and Gibbon Trail, we created treehouse banners. Each banner showcases the animals and/or native lands represented at Zoo Knoxville.

And lastly, for the Keeper Chats—sessions where visitors can interact with zoo keepers and the amazing animal ambassadors they help protect and care for—we created floor banners. Information about locations and times help guests plan ahead during their visit. We’re happy to have contributed successful wayfinding for a zoo that does much more than your average bear.

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