Dog Park Dash Identity
The Boyd Foundation

A vision for Tennessee.

Tennessee Dog Park Dash, an effort to increase the number of dog parks in the state—and thus make it more pet-friendly—needed a visual identity to set it apart from other efforts and build trust within communities. We always emphasize the importance of a strong brand, and we started here with identifying the goals of The Boyd Foundation and the needs of the customer. Knowing that we would be working with a larger initiative helped us scale our design thinking methodology.

Our research led us, of course, toward creating a visual identity and brand system that showcased the dogs we would be creating spaces for, and we created a logo that could easily translate into motion design environments. We examined audience touchpoints and considered branding applications for print and digital contexts that would help convey the mission of the Tennessee Dog Park Dash, while also evoking a feeling of community. The branding is created in a way that takes people from affinity to brand loyalty.

The new look and feel was transposed for the the new website’s site design, banners for event activations, social media graphics, posters and other branded paraphernalia. Having a well-rounded brand kept the validity of the initiative in the forefront of the participants’ minds and has set The Boyd Foundation up for success during their future endeavors toward becoming the most pet-friendly state in the U.S.

Let’s achieve great things together.

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