Character Development Program
Medal of Honor Convention

Teaching courage and promoting integrity.

When the Medal of Honor Society decided to team up with educators and school administrators to pass on the stories of valor to future generations, Designsensory was tasked with promoting it to a larger audience.

We designed, developed and created the content for the Character Development Program portion of the Medal of Honor website and the registration portal for educators. We also created print materials to further communicate the program, including mailers, sample lessons, registration packets, certificates for participating schools and special event materials like invitations and programs. In helping to launch this program, we created a model for other states hosting the Medal of Honor Convention in the future.

This content was developed specifically for the Knoxville Convention in 2014 but with future Medal of Honor Conventions in mind. Hoping to leave a lasting impact, the materials for the program were gifted to the Medal of Honor Society and Foundation.

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