Brixx Wood Fired Pizza Website
Brixx Wood Fired Pizza

Truly a new look, with the same great taste.

The Brixx marketing team wanted to elevate the website experience to the iconic, relaxed, welcoming and flavorful atmosphere found in each of the Brixx Wood Fired Pizza restaurants. Prior to the new website, visitors to were unable to easily find menu descriptions, restaurant locations or other information due to users being forced to enter a location upon immediately entering the website. A variety of user path solutions and functionality options were incorporated to give website visitors more choices and freedom to explore what they wanted and to provide information, such as restaurant locations, on their terms.  

Significant and in-depth research guided all of the website efforts, and Designsensory’s user experience team, SEO and content specialists took a methodical approach. This included a thorough review of the website’s analytics, heuristic tear downs of key pages, search engine optimization, content audit and user testing. Combined insights guided the process from information architecture to wireframes and design. 

Key features and functionality include the addition of nutritional information for each menu item, layered geo-location tracking that allows for autolocating, entering a zip code or scrolling through area Brixx restaurant addresses. With the changing flavors and atmosphere from lunchtime dining to dinner and drinks, Designsensory’s technical team built in unique functionality that transitions curated content and images to better guides users based on the time of day. 

Design blends mouth-watering photography with a refreshed copy and content structure that seamlessly starts potential diners on the path towards pulling into a restaurant. User testing shows increased time on the website, lower abandonment rates and improved overall functionality and site speed.

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