Bristol Motor Speedway 2018 Campaigns
Bristol Motor Speedway and Dragway

Pedal to the Metal.

Bristol Motor Speedway is known for its iconic races and classic moniker—The Last Great Colosseum. After a lull in ticket purchasing, they came to us for a creative refresh that would excite new and regular customers. The overhaul included audience research—to better understand visitors and their needs—which lead to new goals and tactics for an integrated media campaign, which includes a new creative.

After research and ideation, we landed on “This is What You Live For” for the new 2018 campaign. The goal was to juxtapose the mundane weekday with the vivacious and wild days, nights and weekends spent at Bristol. The message, you are not your day job, resonates with the working class who can enjoy their jobs but need to let their hair down on the weekends.

A quick trip to Bristol allowed us to shoot new photography for the campaign, where we captured the essence of the Bristol audience. Campaign photography is reminiscent of the vibrant patriotism that is rampant both on and off the track at Bristol. We also highlight some of the various other activities that drive fans to the experience: campsites, night races, NASCAR races, and other activities.

We used rich media assets to create robust media creative. Our media team used highly targeted settings to expand the campaign across programmatic, social and digital ad placements. We combined our digital strategy with a traditional media strategy for an integrated approach, providing visibility to races lovers through billboards and radio spots.

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