Blount Partnership Identity
Blount Partnership

Connecting a community through symbols.

As the economic development agency for Blount County, Tennessee, Blount Partnership is a wellspring of opportunities for business growth and leisure travel. Designsensory gained a unique creative challenge when the Partnership needed an identity to envelop all of its facets: tourism, the Chamber of Commerce, economic development and community progress.

Designsensory responded with a singular visual that brought together four distinct, user-friendly symbols within a unifying circle. The Partnership’s new symbol uses modernized geometry and typography to communicate their dedication to forward thinking and respect for their rich heritage.

An upward-pointing arrow symbolizes Blount County’s strong economic foundation, and the earthy russet background denotes the reliability and longevity of the Chamber of Commerce, formed in 1920. An iconic capital signifies the Chamber Foundation. A whirling world communicates the thriving business and economic development community. Mountains personify tourism and America’s most visited national park, while the vibrant green emphasizes the wealth of both opportunity and natural resources.

The new identity is the unifying thread connecting the Blount Partnership brand story across several websites and print materials.

Dreaming to Doing: Collaborative Conversations

Bringing together key people from each of the Blount organizations that make up the Partnership to share conversations was the first step in developing the unified identity.

Global Trends

Alliances similar to Blount Partnership are taking place across the country and globe.


The Partnership, and its identity, provide intrinsic strengths unattainable if entities remained separate.

Audience Insights

Identity development hinged on multiple, disparate audiences coming together to share ideas.

Let’s achieve great things together.

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