Be More Live More Campaign System
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Changing lives in West Tennessee.

The Be More Live More campaign is funded by a grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and is designed to help influence healthy lifestyle choices in four Tennessee counties named some of the unhealthiest in the nation. UT Extension came to Designsensory for the creation of print materials to be disseminated to the communities.

The first step was conducting research studies, in-person interviews and visiting the counties to get to know the audience and the area. The biggest takeaway from these efforts was the importance of ensuring all collateral communicated a message of positive change—to be more and live more—and not a message of more diet and exercise, which carries a negative connotation for many people.

We first developed recipe cards for grocery stores to help consumers make smart choices when shopping for meals. We also created nutrition signage for display in local restaurants to inform healthy eating choices among patrons. Finally, we designed trail markers so people could track their physical activity.

Designsensory also created a variety of other collateral, including direct mail pieces, t-shirts, banners, posters and window decals, to share with partners and participants.

Finally, we established a brand guide to ensure all future collateral was consistent with the Be More brand. The brand guide defines the logo, taglines, fonts, colors and co-branding guidelines.

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