Brochure and Signage
Appalachian Electric Cooperative

An icon of safe power.

To redefine the brand identity of a company like Appalachian Electric Cooperative, we had to take a long look at where they’ve been, where they are and where they are going. AEC needed more than just a new look for their 75th Anniversary materials, they needed a branding message that would endure. In conjunction with creating a whole new branding ecosystem for AEC, we created a collection of materials that included a brochure and billboards to help communicate AEC’s lasting connection to the community.

Since 1945, AEC has provided electric service to its member-owners in several East Tennessee counties. Today, AEC works to “meet our members where they are,” using its 75-year history as a springboard to help members take control of their own energy use.

Old electrical diagrams and circuit drawings inspired the new typography, a stylized version of Kroppen Rounded. In our chosen color palette, blue, green and teal were taken from the beautiful Appalachian setting, while AEC’s service trucks provided the muse for energetic yellow.

Embedding the new brand system into a brochure enriched with historical and modern photos helped communicate AEC’s stature as an icon of safe power for members and their communities.

The billboards provided a larger-than-life representation of AEC’s message of bringing value to their members and communities.

Let’s achieve great things together.

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