Brand Identity
Appalachian Electric Cooperative

Symbolic of the past and the future.

Appalachian Electric Cooperative (AEC) came to Designsensory for a new logo and identity system to celebrate 75 years of service and help AEC transform its image from utility company to community partner.

Designsensory began by looking at symbols from AEC’s past. We were especially drawn to the 1945 icon that featured elements of its infrastructure, environment, strength, history and energy. Symbols that continue today. We chose strong visuals with an iconic link to AEC’s foundational element—electricity—and emphasized community, technology and economic development, key elements of AEC’s mission.

We drew inspiration for the typography and the video from electrical diagrams and circuit drawings with a stylized version of Kroppen Rounded as the base for the word mark. For the color palette, we took inspiration from the beautiful Appalachian setting: blue sky, green hills and the bright, energetic yellow of the AEC trucks, an icon of safe power.

When we added all the elements together, a new identity emerged to represent AEC’s past and present values. A bold, modern identity to carry the Cooperative into the future. One that expresses AEC’s brand promise and the values it upholds.

Moving Outward by Looking Inward

To better understand its members and their relationship with the electric cooperative, AEC embarked on a member-wide surveyallowing respondents to shared their connections, frustrations and what they believe to be the future of Appalachian Electric Cooperative.

Demographic Shift

Shift messaging themes to better speak to millennial members as household formation increases.

Cultural Heritage

75-years ago, AEC brought electricity to the area. The brand exhibits legacy equity within these deep roots.

Community Relevance

AEC is more than an energy utility. They provide jobs and community funding for important initiatives.

Let’s achieve great things together.

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