2017 Meet Arya Annual Campaign
Zoo Knoxville

Eye of the Tiger

As Zoo Knoxville was anticipating the arrival of Arya, its new Malayan Tiger, they wanted to create some buzz and excitement for the public. The Zoo team tasked us with creating an annual campaign that would follow the pre-arrival and arrival of Arya. We immediately went to work concepting.

We explored many different themes and looks, including cinematic, animated and culture-inspired visuals. However, we merged them into one simple idea: Come Closer. The campaign intrigues audiences with close-up imagery. We didn’t want to spoil the surprise for visitors. We made sure to create hype by announcing the arrival date, so visitors wouldn’t be confused about when to come. But to be safe, why not get an annual pass? The messaging took off from there.

Simultaneously, we were introducing the new Tiger Forest, where she would be joining the two male Malayan Tigers, Bashir and Tanvir. This species of tiger is endangered, with only 400 left in the wild. Intermingling these tigers, on the biological end of this spectrum, was pertinent for the zoo and its survival program—we want baby cubs!

Nevertheless, once she arrived, we didn’t slow down on generating buzz. A full-fledged media plan included creation and placement for the following items: Radio and TV; digital and social ads; billboards; a rack card; a snapchat filter and a special landing page to introduce Arya and provide details for users on Tiger Forest and Asian Trek.

We also went “outside the box” to create an environmental piece that could be moved around to places like Market Square in Downtown Knoxville or Regal Cinema. This roaring crate piqued the interest of pedestrians as they walked by—you can’t ignore the thunderous roar that resulted from motion activation.

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