STEM Scouts Portal
Boy Scouts of America

A portal with muscle—and finesse.

STEM Scouts began as an East Tennessee pilot program, but the Boy Scouts of America soon voted to take the pilot to councils nationwide. Managing recruitment, enrollment, meetings, study materials and financial reports in 13 BSA councils would be a huge undertaking—and require a robust and flexible portal system.

Working with the STEM Scouts staff, our tech team created a customized portal with an easy-to-use interface that allows Lab leaders with no technology experience to view and manage all Lab details through the STEM Scouts website. A simple dashboard makes accessing Labs, rosters, messages, council information and registrations quick and easy for leaders.

Managing the Scouts

The content management system (CMS) allows leaders to plan a signup night with a dedicated url and code that lets interested parents and volunteers register immediately, making tracking and managing participants easy. Each Scout has a page with details on his or her progress, attendance and parent information.

Once a Lab is chartered, leaders can manage all the details through the portal: schedule meetings, take roll, update locations and times, send messages to Scouts and volunteers, and more. They can enter registrations, payments, discounts and scholarships, change SKU numbers on materials and view financial reports.

Lab leaders can also plan and manage Scouts’ curriculum and achievements from the portal. They can access study guides, record progress, award virtual badges, manage individual learning modules (ILMs), keep track of schedules and supply kit shipping dates and review Scouts’ STEM journal information.

Integrating the Systems

With so many responsibilities on the Lab leader (and with each unit on a different schedule and of a different size), it was critical for the portal to automate the ordering of Lab kits. 

The DS tech team worked with BSA’s Supply Group to compose a script that sends the required sequence of information daily. BSA then parses this information into its inventory and ordering systems, JDA and Magento, and fulfills the orders.

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