Blount Partnership App
Blount County

An app to connect family brands.

With multiple websites as part of their brand family, Blount Partnership needed a way to connect everything in one place for ease of use.

Designsensory created a fully functional mobile application that provides an on-the-go link allowing Partnership members and other interested parties to stay informed quickly and easily.

With a similar look and feel to the partnership’s websites, the app includes immersive photography, bold colors and a modern style—with a focus on functionality and usability. Users can move seamlessly from one page to the next, accessing streaming capabilities for press releases, announcements and breaking news from the Blount Partnership.

The app integrates social media as well, showcasing tweets, Instagram and Facebook updates from the organization.  

While the app stands alone, administrators can easily make updates to copy and content via the content management system. The app, available for both iPhone and Android, is downloadable from the iTunes and GooglePlay stores.


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