State of Tennessee COVID-19 Website
Tennessee Governor’s Office and Tennessee Department of Health

Bringing Together All Tennessee COVID-19 Information

Finding information fast can mean the difference in saving lives and supporting those who may have contracted COVID-19. Easy-to-find content focuses on prevention, symptoms, screening tools, testing sites, COVID-19 data and insights to stay informed at

The website focuses on delivering three key pieces of COVID-19 state-related information. First, it makes clear COVID-19 cases and associated data. Second, the website identifies hospitalization rates and all associated major data points to stay informed. Third, the website gets users connected to testing sites, and whether people should get screened or stay home and isolate within three clicks or less. Watch our explainer video here.

Dynamic data manipulation drives the core of this website. Heavy technical integrations using Tableau data visualization software on an automated daily basis reinterprets statistics and case data on a state-wide and county basis into easily understood visual charts and graphs. To ensure up-to-date testing site information we aggregate a continually changing database through a geolocated map. Using a CDC and Apple algorithm that is contextualized by the Department of Health, we are able to cross-compare Tennessee data with national COVID-19 case trends.

To ensure the website connects with as many Tennesseans as possible, key information has been translated into Spanish and the entire website is as accessible as possible for people with disabilities.

The website also aggregates the Tennessee Department of Health’s social feed and provides infographics and data visualizations of key trends and data points.

No matter anyone’s connection to COVID-19 in the state, whether you’re a city mayor or mom, timely and valuable and easy-to-understand information is conveniently accessed and brought together on this website. Content and resources are divided among various groups for individuals, families, educators, mental health professionals, patients and caregivers, community guides for municipal leaders and business resources. 

Let’s achieve great things together.

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