We are a collective of designers, marketers, writers, technologists and strategists looking to create impact by making useful things.

Joseph Nother
Joseph Nother  → Principal, Exec. Creative Director, Founder
Brandon Rochelle
Brandon Rochelle  → Principal, Exec. Technical Director, Founder
Michael Pryfogle
Michael Pryfogle  → Senior Technical Director
Chris Wise
Chris Wise  → Executive Director, Designsensory Intelligence/Ignite Fan Insights
Mary Blair
Mary Blair  → Account Director
Stephan Zerambo
Stephan Zerambo  → Technical Director, Projects
Kate Ambos
Kate Ambos  → Account Director
Josh Vittetoe
Josh Vittetoe  → Technical Director, Platforms
Jessica Thompson
Jessica Thompson  → Senior Media Manager
Kelley Gray
Kelley Gray  → Senior Media Manager
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Matt Montgomery
Matt Montgomery  → User Experience Director
Tuyen Ho
Tuyen Ho  → Director of Design
Andrea Overstreet
Andrea Overstreet  → Creative Director
Chris Cable
Chris Cable  → Associate Creative Director
Brad Carpenter
Brad Carpenter  → Director of Influencer and Experiential Marketing
Madelyn Cunningham
Madelyn Cunningham  → Director of Branded and Original Content
Hunter W. Foster
Hunter W. Foster  → Director of Social Media
Katie Marshall
Katie Marshall  → Associate Art Director
Ben Maxey
Ben Maxey  → Lead Motion, Senior Designer
Susan Hamilton
Susan Hamilton  → Senior Copywriter
Brea Parke
Brea Parke  → Account / Project Manager
Barry Hylton
Barry Hylton  → Senior Developer
Ryan Lee
Ryan Lee  → Brand Strategist
Courtney Borgers
Courtney Borgers  → Content Architect
TJ Buckner
TJ Buckner  → Web Developer
Colby Johnson
Colby Johnson  → Technical Developer
Ashley Gaillard
Ashley Gaillard  → Account Manager
Chris Talbert
Chris Talbert  → Technical Developer
Sierra Plese
Sierra Plese  → Graphic Designer
Lisa Schweikert
Lisa Schweikert  → Graphic Designer
Chelsea Penticuff
Chelsea Penticuff  → Project Coordinator
Mindy Fawver
Mindy Fawver  → Production Designer
Caroline Duggan
Caroline Duggan  → Project Manager
Barbara Gibson
Barbara Gibson  → Office and Billing Manager
Caroline Stringfellow
Caroline Stringfellow  → Copywriter
Ilana Stark
Ilana Stark  → Social Media Specialist
Lindsay Brine
Lindsay Brine  → Strategic Advisor
Jessica Johnson
Jessica Johnson  → Strategic Advisor
Gray Williams
Gray Williams  → Associate Media Planner, Buyer
Jesse Klapperich
Jesse Klapperich  → Internal Project Manager
Office Tribble
Office Tribble  → Office Troublemaker