Intelligence & Research

We work best when instincts and insights come together. Our decades of experience work hand-in-hand with custom intelligence gathering that uncovers hidden information, validates ideas and reduces risk in strategic marketing decisions.

Our in-house intelligence department, Designsensory Intelligence, goes beyond the traditional, simplistic notion of research to provide real, actionable intelligence for our clients. Combining primary qualitative and quantitative methodologies and leveraging secondary data repositories like Experian’s Mosaic segmentation, we develop a complete picture of vital audiences and their behavioral drivers. All this comes together to anchor all strategic creative campaign and media decisions to maximize success.

Consumer Interviews
Focus Groups Moderated
NPS Responses

We use data-driven insights to create strategic solutions.

Perceptual Studies

Through baseline and post-campaign perceptual studies, we learn what people really think of your brand, and how our efforts push that perception in the right direction.

Perceptual Studies in Action

Zoo Knoxville
Discovering Nuances to Drive Ticket Purchasing

DEI&A Reporting

Integrating diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility into your marketing is a moral as well as a business imperative. Our custom studies uncover how diverse audiences interact with your brand, and how you can improve those interactions to welcome everyone. 

DEI&A Reporting in Action

Designsensory Intelligence (DSI)
DEI&A National Study Research

Behavioral Studies

From travel and tourism to healthcare—and every industry in between—we build focused intelligence programs to understand how your target customers behave, what they want and recommend ways that you can seize new opportunities.

Behavioral Studies in Action

BrightRidge Broadband
Research-Guided Marketing Strategy

Awareness Studies

Before they can love you, they have to know you exist. We uncover a benchmark of  just how well-known your brand is, and compare it to a new post-campaign measurement to gauge effectiveness of strategic marketing initiatives.

Awareness Studies in Action

The Greater Memphis Chamber
Memphis Moves Campaign

Concept Testing

We test our campaign ideas prior to full-scale creative production to determine which ideas most effectively capture your audience’s attention—and which ideas will inspire them to action.

Concept Testing in Action

South Dakota GOED
Concept Testing & Media Campaigns

User Experience Research

Our Nielsen-Norman Group-certified user experience team develops custom plans using data-driven reports, audience insights, and user-centric research to help you get the most out of your digital presence.

User Experience in Action

South Carolina Department of Commerce
Improving Navigation to Nurture Innovation

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“At our core, we believe consistently great strategy is defined by knowing your audience as deeply and intimately as possible.”

Chris Wise
Chris Wise
Executive Director, Designsensory Intelligence (DSI)

Why we are different.

Centered around research and insights, clear strategic direction and evolution of ideas.

We Ask & Audit
We Ask & Audit

We utilize Designsensory Intelligence to uncover insights and drive messaging. We glean insights and intelligence to make decisions that work now.

We Craft Custom Solutions
We Craft Custom Solutions

Our big ideas are what set us apart. We base everything on the foundation of research and a custom, craft-first approach to execution.

We Deliver & Measure
We Deliver & Measure

It’s not enough to make a plan, it needs to live and breathe organically. We monitor and report on campaign progress at every stage.

An interactive, collaborative approach to Research & Intelligence

Our process is iterative, collaborative and insight-driven.
It works within any discipline and at any project level, from strategic and conceptual to the highly tactical. Macro to micro. Questions to answers. Ideas to implementation.

  • Discovery
    We listen and learn to our customers to build our foundation to grow from and explore ideas.
  • Planning
    Briefing, thinking, and aligning strategy to strategic goals, tactical objectives and measurable results. We audit your creative assets, website and find out more about target audience perceptions and knowledge.
  • Exploring
    With a strong foundation of real-world intelligence, our creative teams start dreaming and diverging. In close collaboration with your team, our multidisciplinary account teams, and our deep bench of subject matter experts, conduct innovation sprints to brainstorm ideas and concepts.
  • Building
    We build multifaceted integrated campaigns to connect across platforms and audiences.

Certifications & Technology

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Our Intelligence & Research Team
  • Chris Wise
    Executive Director, Designsensory Intelligence (DSI)
  • Ryan Lee
    Sr. Manager, Strategy & Account Planning
  • Matt Montgomery
    User Experience Director
  • Courtney Borgers
    Content Architect
  • Sarah Monroe
    Content Strategist & Architect