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It's Wildly Fun!

Zoo Knoxville is one of East Tennessee’s leading attractions, bringing experiential learning opportunities to people of all ages. Dedicated to protecting the animal ambassadors in their care, which includes rare and endangered species, the zoo is supported by their cheerful visitors and invested donors.

As Zoo Knoxville sought to revitalize its grounds, including expansions to its exhibits and animal habitat areas, they, of course, had to configure fundraising in order to make their dreams come alive. Not only did we create a campaign print piece to help raise awareness for donors about the result of their contributions, we also got a chance to expand our relationship with the zoo.

Realizing the overall cooperative benefits of having an agency partner to manage media and creative, Zoo Knoxville made Designsensory their official Agency of Record (AOR). And we’re happy to ease their pain points in the busy world of conservation—they have some bigger hands, paws and hooves to help out.


Put your paws together.

Our animal adventure with Zoo Knoxville began with the “Dream Wilder” campaign, where they aimed to raise 30 million dollars toward habitat development, including Asian Trek. The campaign supports a couple of their great missions: to help save endangered species from extinction and to make a significant economic impact in our local community.

To help shape these expanded habitats, we created a brochure inviting donors to “dream wilder” with the Zoo, imagining more dynamic guest experiences and highlighting the zoo as the premier destination for fun, learning and memories in Knoxville. The brochure showcases plans for the new grounds, as well as past statistics and goals for upcoming years.

Next, we won over the team with our strategic and creative chops to become Agency of Record (AOR). Our first line of business was to present the newest member of the Zoo team to the world: Arya, an endangered Malayan tiger. The year followed suit with many micro-campaigns to enhance visitorship.

Aside from in-park environmental signage and creative, we’ve kept busy running (and creating) the media for the zoo, including digital ads, radio and TV spots, and social media ads. We wrapped the end of our first year with some fun Boo! At the Zoo updates, as well as a winter campaign. Check out more specifics within our case studies above.

Let’s achieve great things together.

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