Smoky Mountains Website

Client :Blount County

Blount County Partnership includes a family of digital platforms, serving multiple audiences. They needed a visual and content refresh to help raise awareness for area events and share up-to-date resources and travel tips. We were asked to create a new website to compliment the brand family’s new app. 


The Partnership had an abundance of information loaded to their website but they weren‘t able to constantly keep the information up to date.


Our UX specialists conducted content mapping and User Experience (UX) testing to discover how the existing content flowed for users and which information we needed to build out. Audiences performed common search tasks like “plan your trip” and “explore the area” and reported their site interactions.

Insights from the users guided us to create more organic and snackable content, optimizing the new website. We created a lot of new content from scratch including travel itineraries, creating and highlighting guides to different Blount County areas. Building and offering accessible, easy-to-use visitor guides and suggestions for what was new and upcoming in the area helped connect locals with their community, and encourage travelers to explore the Smokies.

The visually compelling new complements the brand family’s new app. Users can quickly discover relevant news, events, and vacation guides to start planning their next trip to the Smoky Mountains.

Gold Addy Winner
Increased Tourism Traffic
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The people who made it happen.
  • Stephan Zerambo
    VP Interactive
  • Mary Blair
    Senior Director of Client Growth & Services
  • Chris Talbert
    Technical Developer
  • Colby Johnson
    Technical Developer