Otter Creek Opening Campaign

Client :Zoo Knoxville

Zoo Knoxville asked us to create a campaign to raise awareness for the newest habitat being built. Clayton Otter Creek, the final piece of the new Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Center, needed to drive traffic to the Zoo and increase ticket and membership purchases.


Awareness of the zoo’s role in important conservation initiatives leads to positive perceptions of the zoo. Audiences who associate their ticket purchases with sustainability are more inclined to visit the zoo frequently and repeat their purchase behavior. The target market has historically responded to photography of the animals by visiting the zoo to meet them in person.


We used this campaign to simultaneously highlight the fun and playful personality of North American River Otters and the important conservation work the Zoo does. We created an integrated campaign with print and digital assets reminiscent of an action-themed movie to generate interest and awareness for the arrival of the stealthy species and their brand new exhibit. We designed ad creative taking on a Mission Impossible look and feel playing into the otters’ natural energy and emphasizing the danger in disguise of this predator-prey species. 

The website landing page, print, and digital aspects incorporated mission-focused messaging to highlight that the athletic, playful otters are arriving with a purpose to advocate for their species. This campaign worked to raise awareness for environmental initiatives affecting the otters’ natural habitat. Parodying the popular James Bond series was a fun approach using a wildly popular movie franchise to build excitement for the opening of the exhibit. 

With this campaign, we launched an Otter TikTok takeover, expanding reach to a broad audience of Gen Z and Millennial viewers. Photography and videography of the otters “in-action” showcased their adorableness, while introducing the “agents” to the public to establish relationships and encourage visits.

Impressions in Q1
Increase in Revenue
Year over Year
otter creek campaign mobile images
otters on a mission billboard
otters on a mission social images

We introduced the otters as though they were secret agents on a mission to conserve the environment.

no time to dive - otter creek billboard
otters on a mission ads collage
otters on a mission website

We designed a custom landing page, built in Webflow, that all of the ads pointed to.

otters on a mission brochures
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    VP, Design & Content