Concept Testing & Media Campaigns

Client :South Dakota GOED


SD GOED asked us to generate awareness and consideration among job-seekers about the opportunities available in South Dakota. With very few historical models and less than six weeks to reach our market, we crafted an innovative campaign.



DS Intelligence surveyed 750 adults in neighboring states and learned that nearly half had moved for career opportunities in the last 12 years, of which 67% are married. Half reported they would likely pursue an opportunity in South Dakota. These insights inspired us to attract working adults by raising their awareness of career advantages. The survey also revealed the most important features to our audience were low cost of living, low crime, low taxes and beautiful scenery. These findings drove our media planning and creative strategy.


To meet the budget, we ran a digital-only media campaign allowing full-funnel tracking, attribution and optimization. In concept tests, the headlines “Freedom Works Here” and “We Saved You A Spot” resonated best. We elected to use multiple messages within the market, cross-targeted against different demo targets and let our digital targeting tech optimize the message sequence to nurture leads.

Increase in traffic
Drove strong consideration & Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)
Twitter was a successful experimental channel
Paid Search was Top Performer
south dakota campaign ads

Identifying Behaviour

From attitudinal surveys to concept testing, learn how Designsensory Intelligence uncovered opinions and behavioral insights that helped craft smart marketing solutions.

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We personified the target industry verticals by portraying the workforce in a heroic, vicarious nature.

south dakota campaign ads

A multitude of digital ad units allowed machine learning to optimize to image and copy pairings that resonated the most.

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Given the conversion goals, the campaign effort was largely digital. However, we created a master campaign toolkit to allow for consistency in all communication channels.

The people who made it happen.
  • Joseph Nother
    Principal, Exec, Creative Director, Founder
  • Brad Carpenter
    Director of Influencer and Experiential Marketing
  • Hunter W. Foster
    Director of Social Media
  • Kate Ambos
    Account Director
  • Ben Maxey
    Art Director, Motion
  • Sierra Plese
    Senior Designer