Wilson, Arkansas
The Town of Wilson, Arkansas

Introducing the world to the Delta.

With beginnings as one of the most important company towns in the South, Wilson, Arkansas, is a small town with bold ambition. Located in the heart of the Mississippi River Delta region just 45 minutes north of Memphis, Wilson is home to a distinct culture of education, arts, food, history and agriculture. The fertile landscape has bred a community dedicated to innovation and sustainability that stays true to its unique Delta heritage.

Lee Wilson & Company owned and operated the town for 125 years, when it eventually became one of the most important cotton empires in the country. Now, Wilson is a prime destination for visitors interested in Delta life, culture and history.

Wilson, Arkansas was looking to share its story with others. With a vision to become a booming tourist attraction, Wilson partnered with Designsensory to promote the town’s unique offerings.


Achieving great things in a small town.

Designsensory combines a fresh perspective with historical tradition to tell the story of Wilson, Arkansas. We've utilized our technical, design and media expertise to drive public interest in the cultural hub that's located just 45 minutes north of Memphis.

Wilson wanted to update its brand and introduce Southern history to the digital age, and called on Designsensory to help. Our team refreshed Wilson’s website design and increased visibility through drastic search engine optimization improvements. With a combination of compelling content, bold design, interactive elements and technical expertise, Designsensory renewed Wilson's digital presence.

We launched successful public relations and media campaigns to spread awareness of Wilson’s small town charm. Designsensory’s public relations team made sure Wilson, Arkansas, was featured in major publications in the region, while our design team got to work creating award-winning marketing materials. To further support the promotion of Wilson, the Designsensory team developed print and digital advertisements, as well as informational brochures and booklets.

Designsensory continues to support Wilson, Arkansas’s efforts to become a major visitor attraction for those wanting to experience true Delta culture.

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