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The halfway point between Nashville and Chattanooga, the city of McMinnville, Tennessee, is home to a host of stunning views, outdoor recreation activities, live entertainment and local art exhibits. It’s also where you can find one of our most fun clients to work with, the McMinnville-Warren County Chamber of Commerce.

Our relationship with the chamber first began when they applied for the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development (TNECD) Marketing Assistance Program. Through the TNECD program, Designsensory helped build a community development site that offered a wealth of information and a fresh look for Warren County.

Pleased with our TNECD work and looking to expand their marketing efforts, the McMinnville-Warren County Chamber of Commerce charged us with a new tourism-focused rebranding project. Following a FAM tour and a lot of marveling over the beautiful landscape, we developed a new visual identity for the city as well as a tagline: Where Life’s in Full Bloom. Home to more than 300 nurseries and 100 miles of water and breathtaking waterfalls, McMinnville, Tennessee is a haven for outdoor lovers, and the updated brand truly captures the essence of its offerings.

With a new logo and tagline for McMinnville, Designsensory moved forward with a tourism campaign aimed at driving awareness and consideration of the experiences available in the historic Middle Tennessee community. We launched an influencer-based campaign and contest, targeting Nashville and Chattanooga residents with the selling point that the small town experience is the perfect contrast to big city life.

Through our previous and ongoing campaigns, we are proud to give people everywhere a chance to see McMinnville, Tennessee, in a brighter light. Take a closer look at this Southern favorite in our project pages below.


Planting seeds of inspiration.

The McMinnville-Warren County Chamber of Commerce is a nonprofit, membership organization composed of local businesses and citizens dedicated to enhancing the community through sustainable economic growth and commerce. To help spread their mission and drive visitors to the beloved Middle Tennessee town, Designsensory developed a new brand identity for McMinnville’s tourism efforts, as well as a tagline: Where Life’s in Full Bloom.

The tagline, accompanied by a eastern-inspired, hand-crafted dogwood logo blooming over a compass, perfectly showcases the beauty and adventure waiting for you at this hidden gem in the foothills of the Cumberland Plateau. This new visual identity gave us the chance to think outside the box and bring more people to McMinnville.

Our team launched an influencer campaign that used video, a custom landing page and a contest to pull in visitors from neighboring big cities. Within the first week of launch, our influencer video garnered over 95,000 views, and while promoting McMinnville at events in both Nashville and Chattanooga, our initial run of newly branded merchandise was exhausted in just hours.

Designsensory continues to support McMinnville’s efforts to become a premier tourism destination in the state of Tennessee.  

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