Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency
State of Tennessee

Entertainment as advertising.

Tennessee is home to what many consider some of the nation’s best natural resources for hunting, fishing and outdoor recreation. These resources don’t manage themselves. That job falls to the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) and its mission of conservation, management and education.

TWRA partially funds its work through hunting and fishing licenses, so it’s important to continually grow interest in these activities. That means expanding the message to find new audiences.

Our answer to this challenge: Advertainment. Traditional advertising avenues weren’t doing a good job reaching these new audiences—those methods can’t convey the excitement of a new outdoor experience. Sharing the excitement is why we created Tennessee Uncharted, a 30-minute television show that follows a dynamic host on a myriad of adventures every week.


A television show for Tennessee.

Tennessee Uncharted is produced in close partnership between Designsensory and TWRA, with a format that blends unique locations, recreation lifestyle and culture across this great, wide state.

Our creative efforts went well beyond show development. Naming the show, developing story ideas, securing on-air talent, creating the title sequence and print advertising were just a few of the things we did to get Tennessee Uncharted on the map. Designsensory’s ongoing involvement with Tennessee Uncharted includes guiding story planning, field shoots and editing, all while working alongside our exclusive production partner, PopFizz.

Tennessee Uncharted can be seen weekly on public television stations across Tennessee. Enjoy past shows on YouTube or watch via the website. For more information on Tennessee Uncharted, visit TNUncharted.com or the Facebook page.

“The new concept for the show breaks from tradition yet boldly speaks to a new generation of people. Tennessee Uncharted is inspiring people to get up, go outside and explore new things.”

Don King, Chief, Information and Education Division, TWRA

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