Tennessee Reconnect
Tennessee Higher Education Commission

A promise to educate.

Our state has spearheaded higher education reform across the nation, starting right here in Knoxville, Tennessee. As evidence, they created a sibling effort to the well-known TN Promise, called Tennessee Reconnect, which allows adults, veterans and other nontraditional students an opportunity to earn their associate’s degree free of tuition at a community college or trade school.

The state’s education department charged us with creating an integrated campaign for the initiative to help raise awareness about the program and drive applications for the upcoming fall semester. We gladly took on the challenge, focusing heavily on digital advertising.


Reconnecting with adult learners.

We started the integrated campaign off with a full plan, from traditional to digital. Audience segmentation played a vital role in how we chose talent for the creative visuals and messaging.

To create assets for the campaign, we shot video for commercial spots that were then cut down into smaller, more digestible formats for social and digital placements. Simultaneously, we captured still photos of our talent in order to showcase the “faces” of Tennessee Reconnect throughout other collateral as we moved forward.

After exploring different style options, the state selected a bold, yet classic design that spotlights the audience personas front and center—including a working mom, a millennial who waited to go to college and an older tradesman.

With the creative built out, we extended to posters, out-of-home, digital and social ads and more. Overall, the campaign has garnered over 30,000 applications, and over 100 million impressions, in a matter of months. We’re ecstatic to continue efforts that affect our state in such a positive way.

Let’s achieve great things together.

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