Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development

Made in America. Mastered in Tennessee.

Tennessee is a land of legends—in music, entertainment, food, fun, scenery, craftsmanship, history, innovation and sports. 

The Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development (TNECD) leverages the state’s many legendary qualities to attract new jobs and new residents. Industry leaders and business publications are getting on board, too, heaping awards on Tennessee for its livability, business-friendly environment and dedicated workforce. 

When TNECD approached Designsensory to help develop a new campaign and collateral to capture that culture of excellence, we wanted to brag a little bit about our home state. We wanted to tell the state’s story in a richer, deeper way, showcasing the landscape, the people and the passion for quality that makes this a great place to live and work.


Celebrating Tennessee’s rich heritage.

The Mastered in Tennessee concept differentiates Tennessee in the minds of those choosing corporate site through original photography and video that captures the essence of Tennessee’s heritage, natural beauty and dedication to excellence. The campaign reaches across all platforms, from advertising pieces to beautifully gritty print treatments to a strategically organized website that gets the right information into the right hands. 

A new landing page and booklet created for the Mastered in Tennessee campaign helps sell the Memphis Regional Megasite, the premier industrial site in the Southeast.

Beyond corporations, TNECD reaches out to the arts and entertainment community and to active retirees to show off what the state offers. For the Tennessee Film, Entertainment and Music Commission website, we chose larger-than-life images and an immersive design from Tennessee’s strong entertainment heritage to appeal to industry insiders.

To inform and inspire retirees looking for a great place to live, we created the responsive Retire Tennessee website. It combines easily accessible information on the state’s cultural and recreational resources, a matchmaking tool, a cost-of-living calculator and other useful information to showcase the lifestyle of 16 rural and urban communities.

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