Tennessee Aquarium
Tennessee Aquarium

From sand to sea to social media.

The Tennessee Aquarium, in partnership with the Chattanooga Convention and Visitors Bureau, came to Designsensory for assistance in encouraging more visitors to the aquarium and the River City, in general. With our deep background in thoughtful influencer marketing and social media strategy, we were happy to help.

Divided equally between the aquarium and the Chattanooga Visitors Bureau, our marketing team connected with 22 social media influencers for 23 activations. Pulled from feeder markets like Nashville, Atlanta and Knoxville, the influencers ranged from married couples to fashion bloggers, musicians and more. By focusing on each individual influencer’s passion points, we were able to deliver a unique & authentic experience that resulted in engaging content.

With 4.9 million impressions, 549 pieces of branded content and 11 community partners, the Designsensory team was able to promote some of the best things that the Tennessee Aquarium and the greater Chattanooga region have to offer. Take a look in the project page listed below.


Purposeful Posting.

The Tennessee Aquarium and the Chattanooga Convention and Visitors Bureau partnered with Designsensory to build a targeted social media influencer campaign, encouraging new and returning visitors to the city and expanding on important conservation efforts at the aquarium. 

Our influencer marketing strategic team connected with 22 social media influencers from across the region to share static posts, provide evergreen content and post to Instagram Stories while on a multi-day visit to Chattanooga. The influencers consisted of popular Knoxville singers, travel writers, mommy bloggers, couples and more. 

Following a year of targeted research and dedicated influencer work, our team has more than doubled the original goal of branded content, earned 11 community partners and saw a total of 4.9 million impressions.

Let’s achieve great things together.

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