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The Office of Innovation in the South Carolina Department of Commerce engaged Designsensory to develop the new brand and platform for their state-wide innovation initiative. The goal: to educate communities about state resources and organizations, encourage entrepreneurship and recruit businesses and workforce to the state to conduct more basic research and product R&D. As a pioneer in the branded content space, combined with our experience in branding and web platform development, we were able to provide the strategy that now defines the program.

The primary focus became creating educational content to serve as the foundation of the program, as well as gathering the resources that would be available to everyone on the platform. Inspiration for this approach came from notable examples in the content space — from the celebrity-led interview style of “Inside the Actor’s Studio” to the presentation and topical format of Ted Talks and Masterclass. With these goals in mind, we interviewed world-class innovators from across the state. Experts in healthcare, product innovation, science, technology and other industries helped provide thought leadership for future innovators. 

We started with one-on-one interviews, which we turned into individual podcast episodes, longform video cuts and dozens of clips for social media. The Designsensory team was able to capture thought leadership from the brightest minds in South Carolina. Take a look in the project pages listed below.


Beautiful Minds Merge.

South Carolina Commerce’s Office of Innovation partnered with Designsensory to build a new brand and innovation toolkit with interviews from top innovators in the state to provide educational content to leaders and future leaders within various industries. The ultimate goal was to educate these leaders and their larger communities about the state-wide resources and organizations available to encourage entrepreneurship and recruit businesses. As a leader in the branded content space, we were happy to take on the challenge. 

Branded “Scribble,” the platform hosts free videos, podcasts, blogs and resources, and we built a social media and digital strategy to gain awareness. We wanted the educational content to be the foundation of the program and we wanted those resources to be available to everyone. 

Inspired by Ted Talks, Masterclass and more, we connected with distinguished leaders and innovators across healthcare, technology, aerospace and other industries that have made huge strides in South Carolina. Designsensory continues to support Scribble in its pursuit of innovation and the fundamentals for building a successful and meaningful business in the Palmetto State.

Let’s achieve great things together.

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