Perceptics High Performance Imaging

We read you loud and clear.

Perceptics approaches its fourth decade by moving its precision imaging systems into new markets. Organizations often reinvigorate their corporate identities to reflect growth or changes in organizational culture; they shed their old skin to become truer to their current selves.

Perceptics has earned an excellent global reputation in the border security industry for the quality, accuracy and precision of its vehicle identification systems. The industry leader wants to transfer that brand equity to audiences and decision-makers in new target markets, to let a new customer base know that, as a responsive and innovative company, “We read you loud and clear.” 

Taking aim at the highway and city security and electronic tolling markets, Perceptics selected Designsensory to revitalize its brand identity system. The goal: Bring the brand into alignment with its current business and future growth plans. 


Refining the message across all platforms.

Designsensory started our work with Perceptics by helping to identify the brand’s foundational values and attributes. We refined key messaging and created new content to express these values. Since we were tasked with creating a new mark for a new time, we worked closely with the Perceptics team on strategy to use the new identity to enhance the new direction for the company. In the process, we helped set a new brand strategy.

We slightly modified the original brand identity but made deeper edits to the peripheral visual system. We introduced new graphical elements and visual motifs, a refreshed color palette, icon system, modern typography and grids. Within six months, we deployed a comprehensive branding system across all platforms: digital, print, environmental and exhibit.

With Perceptics’ updated brand system and a new web platform in place, we have begun the creation and launch of marketing campaigns and content marketing tactics to help generate awareness and stimulate demand in new target markets. 

Let’s achieve great things together.

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